Meet the Director – Bridgett from South Grimes


We are thrilled to introduce you all to Ms. Bridgett! Ms. Bridgett is the Director of our South Grimes location, and we are all so thankful to have her on our team. She leads her team of teachers with support, compassion, and lots of fun!

Let’s get to know Bridgett! The first question we asked her was “What started your career in early childhood education?”

“My Mother started my career! She worked as an assistant, and I was always with her as I had attended the childcare facility she worked at. I would attend school and then go to the center after. While in high school, I began doing chores at the center and worked my way up. Jamie, our regional director, was the person to offer me the job! She saw potential in me and now I am the director at Yellow Brick Road South Grimes.”

We always ask our directors, “What is the best piece of advice you could give to a first-time parent while they are touring preschools?” This is what Ms. Bridgett said…

“Kids learn SO much while in our care. Childcare centers teach children how to socialize, follow a routine, become independent, but most importantly they learn how to grow and have fun! Early childcare is a steppingstone for children and helps prepare them for school. We as teachers lay the foundation for their future success while building strong relationships with families along the way!”

In addition to that, we asked Bridgett, “What piece of advice would you give to a teacher beginning their career in early childhood education?” She responded with… 

“Stay Strong! The bonds you create with the children are ones that last a lifetime! Having the position to help watch them grow and learn is remarkable!”


When you tell someone that you’re a Director at Yellow Brick Road, everyone wants to know, “What do you look forward to most when you come to work each day?”

“Seeing all the children and staff! They are my second family! The hugs, hello’s, waves, and smiles make my day! I have grown extremely close with all the individuals in the center, and I am proud to say I love where I work and who I work with. You never realize how big of an impact people make in your lives and I am truly grateful to be able to come in every day and do what I do. My team lifts me up and inspires me to be better and do better every day and that is all I could ask for.”

As a director, growth is inevitable, in the best ways possible! So, we asked Bridgett, “In which areas have you grown professionally since beginning your career with Yellow Brick Road?”

“My biggest area of growth would be leadership! I have never been with a team that values their leaders as much as Yellow Brick Road does! Everything I have learned I have worked on and brought to my team! They have taught me so much about what it looks like to be a leader and I couldn’t ask for a better example. I personally have seen growth in my leadership skills based on what has been talked about and taught. I only wish to continue to grow and help others with their leadership.”

It is no secret that we care about our core values A LOT! We talk about them in every orientation, tour, staff development day, and especially our classrooms! We had to ask Bridgett, “Which of our core values stands out the most to you?”

“Fun! This career is fun! We can be active, engaging & collaborative. I have never been one to enjoy sitting at a desk all day. I am always moving and making memories with the children and staff. The center is filled with so much positivity and the kids and are always having fun and that is how it should be! We need to have dance parties, we need to do fun crafts, we need to have the most fun we can! These are core memories we build with the children, and they should be filled with nothing but amazing moments.”

Since joining our communities in Iowa, Bridgett has been accepting of changes and eager to learn new things every single day. She has supported her teachers and families as they have learned “the YBR Way”! We are so glad that Bridgett is a part of our team.