dreamstime_xxl_10546956Senses are the most important aspect at the age of a toddler. At Yellow Brick Road, we help them learn to enhance their cognitive, social emotional, fine motor/creative art and math skills through sensory teaching. To grow their social interactions and personal expression, we have small groups they will be part of that also create opportunities for teachable moments, learn songs, and literacy. Our teachers are passionate and qualified to help your child develop their personality while maintaining a positive, loving atmosphere.

Yellow Brick Road staff understands the necessity of sewing into the lives of children at a young, impressionable age. Each child is unique and will grow and develop in individual ways. We are here to help nurture and encourage each child in the early stages of development.

Incorporating the gold curriculum and assessment allows each child to develop natural curiosities, while our teachers help encourage and support the outcome of them.

Enroll your wobbler today and be a part of an intentional and personally driven program, focused on the successful development your child.