1. What Your Child Will Learn At Yellow Brick Road

    When you choose a childcare center for your little one, we know you want the best. You want a childcare center that helps your child learn and grow. You want them to be cared for, to get the attention they need, and to develop new skills. You don’t just want any childcare center, you want Yellow Brick Road Early Childhood Development Center. At Yellow Brick Road, your child will be able to grow …Read More

  2. How to Practice Self-Regulation

    Welcome back to our blog series on self-regulation! In our first blog, we talked about what self-regulation is, and how it’s a skill we can all practice. Now it’s time to put that understanding into action. Find some ways to work on self-regulation with your young one in our blog, and set up a time to visit one of our educational daycare centers in Minnetonka, Maple Grove, Plymouth, or Eden Pr…Read More

  3. All About Self-Regulation

    Self-regulation — it’s a concept that nearly all of us have learned, it’s a thing that we practice on a daily basis, and yet, it’s a term that most of us are (understandably) unfamiliar with. In today’s blog, our child care center is going to spend some time talking all things self-regulation. In our next blog, we’ll provide you with some ways to practice it at home with your young one…Read More

  4. Helping Your Child Develop Social Skills

    When a child is starting school, they will need to learn their ABCs. They will learn how to read, how to count, what the different shapes are, the names of the colors, and so much more. But one thing that is important for them to learn that you may not consider is social skills. Developing social skills may be challenging for children, but if you begin to teach them early on, they will be able to …Read More

  5. Teaching Your Child To Read

    As people reach high school, many begin to question why they need to know all of those mathematical equations or scientific principles. They wonder if they will ever use square roots or need to know how to calculate velocity. Unless they end up becoming a mathematician or a scientist of some sort, the answer is probably no. While these things are important to learn to some extent, the majority of …Read More

  6. What is The Creative Curriculum?

    At a young age, children’s learning and development are greatly influenced by their surroundings, their relationships, and how they are taught to learn. At this stage in life, it is important for children to feed their own curiosities and learn at their own pace, in their own way. The Creative Curriculum and the Teaching Strategies GOLD® help teach children to be independent in their learning a…Read More

  7. Fun Ways to Teach Your Child at Home Part 2

    While your children are learning and exploring at school, they are learning valuable things that they will bring home and demonstrate. This shows their progress and allows you to see how they learn, what they understand, and how they are developing. Early childhood is an important time in kids’ lives, they develop social skills, motor skills, and begin to learn important parts of everyday life. …Read More

  8. The Many Benefits of Preschool

    Have you considered preschool for your child, but you are having trouble making the decision? Maybe you are afraid they are too young, too dependant, or not ready? Preschool can be a wonderful experience for children, and at Yellow Brick Road we strive to nurture every child to develop their strengths and reach new heights. Preschool is a time of learning new skills, making new friends, and formin…Read More

  9. Spring Activities for Your Little One

      Spring has sprung! Even though we face multiple snow threats here in the midwest, the hint of spring in the air is enough to give you the itch to get out and get active. With your little ones being cooped up inside all winter, the anticipation of sunny warm days is almost too much to handle. For those teeter-totter weather days in these next few months, sometimes it’s necessary to keep the sp…Read More

  10. Choosing A Quality Daycare: What To Know

    Entrusting your child to a care provider, whether everyday or a few days a week, is a very humbling act of trust. You should never second guess the providers interacting with your child, or what they are being taught in their atmosphere. Unfortunately, quality child care can be difficult to come across. Finding a center that balances education and individual nurturing and growth can be about as si…Read More