1. Tips For Easy Naptimes at Daycare

    As Americans, we take sleep for granted. We work late, we get up early, we often vow to catch up on sleep- but we never do. But, sleep is important when it comes to heart health, brain function, and energy to make it through the day. For our children, sleep is even more important. Small bodies are growing and burning through lots of energy, which is why kids need lots of sleep. Daytime naps are cr…Read More

  2. I’m Switching Daycares! Help!

    The first time you drive a car, it’s often a mixture of terror and exhilaration. Using your own wits and reflexes, you’re controlling a multi-ton vehicle and going at high speeds! After time passes, you get the hang of it, and driving becomes not such a big deal. But then you get a new car! It takes a little bit of time to find out where everything is and adjust, but you adjust much faster thi…Read More

  3. Tips For Easy Daycare Pick-Ups

    Just imagine it. You’ve had a long and frustrating day at the office. You get out to your car, only to discover someone dented it. On the way to pick up your child from child care, you’re stuck in horrible traffic. You need something, anything, to go easily for you. But you have this sneaking sensation that, once you arrive, you’ll engage in a protracted battle with your son or daughter. You…Read More

  4. Choosing Child Care

    All the statistics and factual findings in the world don’t have the ability to remove the emotions that often come when considering daycare for your child. Many working parents experience ‘daycare guilt’ with the idea of leaving their child in the care of someone else. With this guilt also comes some fear and apprehension not knowing if you’re making the best decision for your child. For t…Read More

  5. Drop-off Tips: Pt. 2

    Nearly every parent has been there. You’re fighting your little one before, or during, drop-off time at daycare. There are usually many tears, pleading, and a hard grip maintained just in case it helps change their mind. And don’t even get me started on the kids. While it is difficult to drop off your little one, we have some suggestions that may help. As we discussed in our previous post, the…Read More