1. All About Self-Regulation

    Self-regulation — it’s a concept that nearly all of us have learned, it’s a thing that we practice on a daily basis, and yet, it’s a term that most of us are (understandably) unfamiliar with. In today’s blog, our child care center is going to spend some time talking all things self-regulation. In our next blog, we’ll provide you with some ways to practice it at home with your young one…Read More

  2. Read-Aloud Tips For Parents

    What was a book you remember reading and loving as a child? Was it one you read on your own? Was it one that your family read to you? Was it one that you still go back to, or that you read to your children now? Even if we don’t remember our earliest read alouds, they influenced us in an extraordinary way. Our educational child care center has some tips to help you grow in your read-aloud practic…Read More

  3. Why Reading to Your Child Is Everything

    Parents know how important early education is for their child. Setting the stage for school, helping them develop and thrive in their early (and most important) years, providing a nurturing and structured environment — enrolling your child in an educational daycare is one of the best parenting decisions you can make. But one thing that’s absolutely essential for your child and their early educ…Read More

  4. Teach Your Children Emotional Intelligence

    Emotions are one thing that many of us have trouble with. Whether we have trouble identifying our own emotions, controlling your emotions, or understanding others’ emotions, they are something we have to deal with daily. Emotional intelligence, also known as emotional quotient (EQ), is defined by Huffington Post as a “person’s ability to identify, evaluate, control and express emotions.” T…Read More

  5. Unique and Fun Summer Activities for Your Kids

    Whether you have children in grade school or younger kiddos who go to daycare, summer is great for spending quality time with them. Taking some days off of work and planning days of fun with your children can help you reconnect and help make long-lasting memories that they will cherish. If you don’t have to go to work during the summer, you will be able to spend every day enjoying time with your…Read More

  6. Spring Crafts for Kids

    As the weather (hopefully) begins to get warmer, it will be time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine with your children! We can’t wait for spring and we are sure your children feel the same way. They want to be able to play outside without worrying about bundling up in coats, snow pants, boots, mittens, scarves, and hats. And we are sure you want to be able to sit on your porch, basking in the…Read More

  7. Great Children’s Books, Part 2

    Here at Yellow Brick Road, we are proud to do our part to help children grow (and give parents a break to boot!) with our affordable child care in Minnetonka. Give us a call if you want a safe learning environment to drop your kids off while you are busy. But children are always learning and growing, not just at school or day care. As a parent, it is important to cultivate their proclivity for lea…Read More

  8. Books To Help Your Child Learn To Read

    Teaching your child to read doesn’t have to be a challenge, in fact it can be fun and rewarding. You will be proud when you children can actually read the words on a page rather than just memorise what happens on each page. There are many ways you can help your child to learn how to read, from labeling items in your home and working on the alphabet, to reading to them and having them read to you…Read More

  9. Teaching Children Manners – Part 2

    Children can be difficult. As they grow and start realizing that they are their own person, they start acting however they want. Raising polite and well behaved children is the ultimate goal of most parents, but it is easier said than done. If you start at a young age, you can implement these manners and rules into your child’s life and make them become habits for your children. Habits are easy …Read More

  10. Teaching Children Manners

    As kids grow older, they begin to realize that they can act differently. They figure out that acting a certain way will get them what they want, and sometimes that means that they expect to get their way when throwing a tantrum in the grocery store. Kids will be kids and manners are taught. Kids aren’t going to grow up knowing to keep their elbows off the table when they eat or to say “excuse …Read More