1. Ways To Stimulate Your Child’s Creativity

    Creativity is defined as “the use of imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.” Being creative doesn’t necessarily mean that you can write a poem or paint the perfect water color picture. There are many different aspect of being creative and using your imagination is the best way to be creative. Creativity in children is what helps them learn, allows th…Read More

  2. Benefits Of Learning To Read At An Early Age

    Reading is one thing you will use throughout your entire life. You read every day—signs, text messages, emails, books, newspapers, recipes, and so much more. While some people may not enjoy reading books, reading is still an important skill to have, and learning to read at a young age can be very beneficial. Teaching your children to read at an early age can help them advance throughout many dif…Read More

  3. What is The Creative Curriculum?

    At a young age, children’s learning and development are greatly influenced by their surroundings, their relationships, and how they are taught to learn. At this stage in life, it is important for children to feed their own curiosities and learn at their own pace, in their own way. The Creative Curriculum and the Teaching Strategies GOLD® help teach children to be independent in their learning a…Read More

  4. Teaching Children Manners – Part 2

    Children can be difficult. As they grow and start realizing that they are their own person, they start acting however they want. Raising polite and well behaved children is the ultimate goal of most parents, but it is easier said than done. If you start at a young age, you can implement these manners and rules into your child’s life and make them become habits for your children. Habits are easy …Read More

  5. Teaching Children Manners

    As kids grow older, they begin to realize that they can act differently. They figure out that acting a certain way will get them what they want, and sometimes that means that they expect to get their way when throwing a tantrum in the grocery store. Kids will be kids and manners are taught. Kids aren’t going to grow up knowing to keep their elbows off the table when they eat or to say “excuse …Read More

  6. Fun Ways to Teach Your Child at Home Part 2

    While your children are learning and exploring at school, they are learning valuable things that they will bring home and demonstrate. This shows their progress and allows you to see how they learn, what they understand, and how they are developing. Early childhood is an important time in kids’ lives, they develop social skills, motor skills, and begin to learn important parts of everyday life. …Read More

  7. The Many Benefits of Preschool

    Have you considered preschool for your child, but you are having trouble making the decision? Maybe you are afraid they are too young, too dependant, or not ready? Preschool can be a wonderful experience for children, and at Yellow Brick Road we strive to nurture every child to develop their strengths and reach new heights. Preschool is a time of learning new skills, making new friends, and formin…Read More

  8. Choosing A Quality Daycare: What To Know

    Entrusting your child to a care provider, whether everyday or a few days a week, is a very humbling act of trust. You should never second guess the providers interacting with your child, or what they are being taught in their atmosphere. Unfortunately, quality child care can be difficult to come across. Finding a center that balances education and individual nurturing and growth can be about as si…Read More

  9. Teaching Your Child Early

    There is a vast variety of opinions regarding what, and how, to teach your child by a certain age. With all the opinions flying around, it can be difficult to make confident decisions. Additionally, many people will insist children don’t fully understand values or honorable traits until they are older or in school- which is completely untrue. Many parents and people alike would be surprised to k…Read More

  10. Keeping Your Child Healthy at Day Care

    The time of year has come again, cold and flu season. This all too familiar time of year settles in and discriminates against no one. Especially for children in child care, cold’s go around like a non-stop merry-go-round. Though having an ill child is never fun, studies have shown that kids who tend to get sick more frequently in daycare are less likely to catch illnesses once they start school.…Read More