dreamstime_xxl_41960010 (4)At Yellow Brick Road, you can be sure your child will learn about themselves, as well as develop the necessary skills to successfully launch them into the next stage of life. Using the teaching strategies of gold curriculum and assessment tool, your child is able to explore ideas and test the theories they are starting to develop. In an environment filled with other children their age and trained staff who have a personal interest in your child’s success, they will develop social skills while being encouraged to try new things.

The gold curriculum is fully implemented in our teaching approach, and each child will grow as an individual. Our staff is passionate about nurturing every child in the specific ways they need. There has been wonderful success using the gold curriculum in early childhood development, and Yellow Brick Road is no exception.

With the opportunity to engage with other children in complex activities, your child will learn how to work as part of a team while building relationships. Choose a childcare program that will engage your child and grow them as an individual. We offer multiple locations to provide opportunities for more families in each area. Our preschools are located in Minnetonka and Plymouth.