Because the growth that your 3- to 4-year-old experiences during this time is so crucial to their overall development, it’s necessary that they have an academic foundation to support them. In fact, high school dropout rates, criminal records, and success in all grade levels have all shown to be affected by whether a child goes to preschool or not.

FInd out how our Preschooler Program works, and set up a tour with our Plymouth, Minnetonka, Maple Grove, or Eden Prairie child care centers! When you choose Yellow Brick Road for educational child care, you’re investing in your child’s future.

Group and Individual Instruction

Our teachers provide an exceptional balance between group and individual instruction in the Preschooler Program. At this age, your child is ready to practice managing their own time and focus, as well as continuing to practice their interactions with others. This helps them prepare not only for the next grade levels, but for life itself. Growing in independence and in social-emotional skills is essential in what we do.

Explorative Learning

Through lessons, playtime, activities, and more, your child will get to apply their natural curiosity in every aspect of their day at Yellow Brick Road. We believe learning opportunities are everywhere, and we encourage our students’ curiosity and sense of wonder at every turn. Becoming a lifelong learner is what we strive to impart on every child who walks through our door.

Jumpstart in Education

Daycares can be excellent places to provide a child with supervision while you are working or needed elsewhere, but at Yellow Brick Road, we are so much more than a place where your child is looked after. We implement the Creative Curriculum to help pave the road for your child’s academic success, one Yellow Brick at a time. With a research-driven curriculum and engaging and thoughtful lessons, your child will get the jumpstart in education they need to flourish all throughout their future.

Your preschooler deserves an environment that’s intentionally designed to help them thrive. That’s why they deserve Yellow Brick Road. We are an early development child care center that has served the Twin Cities area for years, providing families with a place where they know their child is in the best possible care. Our teachers and caregivers would love to work with your child, and welcome you to visit one of our locations to see our educational child care in practice. Call us to set up a tour today!