Pre-K isn’t just a good idea for your child, it’s necessary. Pre-K is instrumental in helping prepare your child for their academic career and life as a whole. The learning material we cover, the social-emotional growth and self-regulation skills, these all play a vital role in your child’s development. You can breathe a sigh of relief when you choose Yellow Brick Road for your young one’s early education — one look at our Pre-K Program, and you’ll know you made the right decision.

Find out what the Pre-K Program looks like at Yellow Brick Road, and plan a visit with one of our child care centers in Plymouth, Minnetonka, Maple Grove, and Eden Prairie!

Kindergarten Readiness

By the time your child gets to kindergarten, there are a number of skills they are expected to have mastered. Writing their name, counting to 20 or 30, identifying basic shapes — these are some of the academic concepts that your child should know before going to kindergarten, and they’re all things that we’ll work on in our Pre-K Program. When your child goes to Yellow Brick Road, they won’t be unfamiliar or overwhelmed by the time they get to kindergarten. They’ll be ready.


Knowing how to manage and understand one’s emotions, behaviors, and body movements are examples of self-regulation. These are skills that require practice and coaching, and are essential for living a happy and healthy life. Yellow Brick Road continues to help students develop these concepts in our Pre-K Program. When your child gets a chance to practice self-regulation with their peers in a safe environment, they’ll get the tools they need to thrive, at all stages of their life.

Research-Based Instruction

Yellow Brick Road implements the Creative Curriculum for our Pre-K students, a proven method and philosophy for teaching young children. With this curriculum, your child is exposed to research-based objectives and learning modules that will help them develop an understanding of academic concepts, as well as understand their world around them. Our teachers are highly experienced in creating engaging activities and instruction that will make your child excited to come to school!

Giving your child the gift of education is one of the best things you can do. Yellow Brick Road is the educational, nurturing, and fun place for them to not only grow, but to thrive. Set up a tour with one of our four early development centers — we are excited to meet you and show you our exceptional Pre-K Program!