Yellow Brick Road Early Childhood Development Center is more than just a child care center, it is a place for your kids to build a foundation for their academics,

learn new skills, and develop a love for learning.

As the CEO of Yellow Brick Road Early Childhood Development Center, Jessica Johnsen, along with the Regional Director, Kylie Schrader, believe that choosing the right child care center for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make. That is why we created a child care center that focuses on your child’s growth and development.

We believe that relationships come first and are important for your child to develop and learn. The relationship your child will have with their teacher can help lead them to success. We hire teachers who are trained to educate and help your child reach their developmental milestones, both in academics and in social-emotional skills.

From the time your child is born to the age of five, they will go through the most formative years in their development, which makes it extremely important that their child care center helps them learn, develop, and create trusting relationships. We offer child care programs for children from six weeks old to five years old, allowing your child to grow and develop with us during this important time in their lives.