dreamstime_xxl_16007724Even infants can be taught and interacted with for early development purposes, and Yellow Brick Road is here to bridge the gap of age and education by implementing the gold curriculum in our teaching and interactions.

Our qualified teachers schedule out intentional “tummy time”, designed specifically to the infant’s, or child’s, interests. Through the five senses, we work to enhance the infants hand eye coordination. They also begin to recognize different sounds through a daily routine, which encourages the development of memory and familiarity. To help develop motor skills, there are table time activities that focus on grasping, stacking, and sorting. Each child will be taught to share through group activity, as well as learning to play with other children.

This is also, typically, the time for many children to start taking steps, our staff use techniques to build a child’s strength and coordination. For infants, we focus on helping them sit, stand, and maintain balance. Our teachers are passionate and qualified to help your baby grow and flourish during this crucial stage.