The growth that happens during the ages of 2-3 is astronomical. Your child’s brain is developing at a rapid pace, every day is a new adventure (for both of you!), and this is why you want your child to be in the best possible care. You don’t just want daycare for your young one, you want an environment that nurtures them and helps them thrive.

See what our Explorers will work on during their time with Yellow Brick Road, and schedule a visit with one of our child care centers in Plymouth, Minnetonka, Maple Grove, and Eden Prairie!

Group Interaction

We put a lot of emphasis on helping students learn to positively interact and engage with one another. Learning how to build relationships and work with others is one of the most important skills a person can have, and it’s a skill that requires guidance, modeling, and encouragement. Your child will learn essential social-emotional concepts when at our educational child care center.

Intentional Play

Playtime is crucial for growing minds! Yellow Brick Road incorporates academics and learning objectives in a fun and meaningful manner. Your child will have lots of time to develop their imagination and creativity, while getting to learn about their world. Running around, physical activity, learning games — you can expect all of this and more at Yellow Brick Road.

Academic Child Care

We don’t call ourselves a daycare, because while there’s nothing wrong with supervising children, we at Yellow Brick Road have more to offer. Our academic child care program implements the Creative Curriculum to provide research-driven lessons and activities for your young one. Considering your 2 or 3-year-old is in such a critical period of growth and development, having an educational foundation puts them on the road to success.

Our Explorers are just that — children who are exploring their world and learning rapidly along the way. Give your child one of the greatest gifts of all by enrolling them with Yellow Brick Road! Get started by scheduling a visit at one of our schools in the Twin Cities area. We look forward to meeting you!