During these milestones, it’s important for the child to be encouraged through positive reinforcement, while in a loving atmosphere. Our staff is qualified and passionate about the successful growth of your child. We offer a variety of activities to help your child grow.

  • Fun Exercises and Activities

    • These exercises will give your toddler that ability to freely express themselves through songs and art, as they develop self-confidence.
  • Using The Creative Curriculum®

    • We are able to cater to a child’s specific personality traits and help teach them to grow and express those unique traits through nurturing and encouragement.
  • Group Play

    • Your child will be a part of play groups that also help teach social skills, such as sharing and taking turns.

The Yellow Brick Road staff is encouraging and passionate about helping your child develop and grow in their early development years. We focus on building the foundation that they will develop in, in a positive light that will set them up for future success. We proudly have established locations in both Plymouth, Minnetonka, Maple Grove, and Eden Prairie. Enroll your child in our child care center today and invest in their future by encouraging their development now.