Dear Parents, 

We are humbled. The support we’ve been given this past week has been overwhelming to say the least. This is a scary time, and you all responded with gratitude and support for my teachers and directors. Thank you. 

We are continuing to stay open at the request of the Governor. We will continue to monitor the situation closely as it changes daily and sometimes hourly. We know we are not through this and will continue to make decisions based on the information we have. For those of you who have asked, If the Governor makes us close (which could still happen) then we will pass through the relief to the parents for tuition. We are a partnership and we are proud to be in this with you. 

  • We are still cleaning and washing hands above and beyond normal.
  • We are getting lotion for the teachers and kids.
  • We will continue to not cross-contaminate classrooms and shared areas.
  • Next week we ask that only one adult drop off and pick up and we will staff someone at the main entrance during heavy volume times (7:30-9) to help with drop off and pick up and to eliminate unnecessary traffic in our buildings.
  • Our professional cleaning services have been ramped up as well.
  • We have had management sanitizing in the evenings and weekends as well.
  • Please continue to keep your child home if they (or anyone in your family) display any symptoms. We will keep periodically checking temperatures in the center as well. 

For those of you choosing to stay home, we will be sending you distance learning packets starting next week. Please make sure to follow our Facebook pages (below) to join us for Facebook Live group times and stories. We will also have our company YouTube channel up next week (We will send you the direct link when our web people have it up and running). We want your children to stay connected to their teachers and friends and we want them to keep learning! We have faith we will be back together soon. We appreciate everyone making sure that there is a YBR to come back to! 

Thank you for continuing to partner with us as we navigate these challenging times together. This is a serious world issue. We will keep you updated as we get information from the CDC, DHS, and the State of Minnesota. We are here to serve you whether you are continuing to go to work or working from home. 

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