1. Choosing A Quality Daycare: What To Know

    Entrusting your child to a care provider, whether everyday or a few days a week, is a very humbling act of trust. You should never second guess the providers interacting with your child, or what they are being taught in their atmosphere. Unfortunately, quality child care can be difficult to come across. Finding a center that balances education and individual nurturing and growth can be about as si…Read More

  2. Fun Ways to Teach Your Child at Home

    At Yellow Brick Road, we specialize in helping your child develop during their early impressionable years. Whether infants or 4 year olds, each child has the ability to learn and grow in their own unique way. Depending on which stage and age your child is at, there are specific areas you can help improve in their development. Today we’re going to take a look at some of the fun ways you can help …Read More

  3. Games for Cold Winter Days

    It’s that time of year again. The crisp snow has settled in and plans to stay much longer than we often care to acknowledge. For parents, it can often mean a dreadful reality of bored child is about to ensue. Debatably one of the most well known facts for most parents: A bored child, is a dangerous child. To help prevent the tornados and messes that are bound to break out, we have compiled a few…Read More

  4. 5 Legal Tips to Help Pick The Right Daycare

    If you have children or you’re expecting, inevitably the subject of finding the right child care provider will come up. There are a lot of different aspects to consider when searching for a daycare that’s right for your child and you. One angle that’s definitely worth considering is the legal perspective. But why does that matter? Yellow Brick Road is here to help you find the best possible …Read More

  5. Tips For a Smooth Daycare Transition For Your Baby

    For those of us who are parents, we want to spend as much time with our children as possible. But sometimes, due to economic issues, family situations, or professional obligations, it isn’t always possible. It’s during those times that we need to find a child care center we can trust. Trust becomes even more important when we’re looking for daycare for our baby. Every child is unique, and ev…Read More

  6. Tips For Easy Daycare Pick-Ups

    Just imagine it. You’ve had a long and frustrating day at the office. You get out to your car, only to discover someone dented it. On the way to pick up your child from child care, you’re stuck in horrible traffic. You need something, anything, to go easily for you. But you have this sneaking sensation that, once you arrive, you’ll engage in a protracted battle with your son or daughter. You…Read More

  7. Separation Anxiety & The Disorder

    In our previous post, we touched on some helpful ways to prepare your child for child care if they struggle with separation anxiety. And while a few tips may help subside initial anxiety for them, we understand there is a lot more intentional work that needs to be done with a child to truly help them normalize into a school culture in order to be successful. Today we are going to hone in on more w…Read More

  8. Choosing Child Care

    All the statistics and factual findings in the world don’t have the ability to remove the emotions that often come when considering daycare for your child. Many working parents experience ‘daycare guilt’ with the idea of leaving their child in the care of someone else. With this guilt also comes some fear and apprehension not knowing if you’re making the best decision for your child. For t…Read More

  9. Why Choose Child Care

    For working mothers, child care is a necessity. While it is difficult to let your little one go to the arms of another caregiver, there are multiple benefits to having them placed in a good day care. At Yellow Brick Road, we specialize in creating a nurturing and encouraging atmosphere that will focus on your child’s strengths in learning, leading to more benefits for them as an individual. We k…Read More